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If you are completely into funk sampling, Electro Samples are a great way to get that unique combination of cool synthesizer riffs, groovy bass line and driving drum machine beats that form the basis of electro beats. Therefore we at DJ Samples provide you with smashing sci-fi sounds in tracks. For electro we compose heavy doses of robotic sounding Electro vocals and instrumentations by the inclusion of distortion, delay, reverb, phase and chorus. With just some Electro loops you can make tracks all raving for parties and club atmosphere. Even though usually Electro samples are devoid of vocals, but we at DJ Samples have an unparalleled collections including Electro vocals. Electro vocals are basically made up of a technique called vocoding which has extensive electronic distortion.


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Electro SamplesYou can base your tracks on this rhythmic synthesis that can be savored for its modernistic approach towards music. Today electro music can be composed by computers rather than drum machines that were used previously. At DJ Samples Electro Midis constitute of patterns inclusive of emulated break beats, syncopated kick drum, and also a snare or even a clap accenting the down beats. If you are looking for something more humanized rather than mechanical than you can get through with our collection of Electro melodies that have break beats and not just drum beats making the composition more of a live performance. In our Electro hooks synthesizers create the magic of producing sound effects that will make the theme more futuristic and heavily fictional, as if you are transported to an absolutely new place through this music.

Reverbs, chorus, delays, phasers and chorus help produce this effect which seems so ultra Cosmo. The Electro Hooklines can be effectively indulged in rave parties and other club mixes for that ethereal feel that will make the people follow a hypnotic mood towards what is being played. Even if you are simply a music enthusiast then some of our super sonic Electro music samples will make you hooked to the extra terrestrial funky feel that these samples give. You can mix them to your compositions or even base them as a background music that will set a rocking attribute to the party. Even if you are looking for an all instrumental hard core electro version then we have waste collection that will give you the opportunity to make a artistic choice of your own.

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