Electro basses (MULTISAMPLES)


We present new collection of Electro Bass multisamples.

Pack contains versatile collection of 82 bass multisamples for Electro, Electro-House, House and other electronic genrzes.

WAV files for each bass multisample are also included.



Are you disturbed or frustrated and find yourself unable to produce new and original music for your listeners? Is the popularity of your production house is deteriorating because of it? Are you on the lookout for versatile and original tracks which can expand your horizons of your music producing capabilities? Then, Electrobasses multi samples of DJ Samples are your best option and a savior! Our collection of the Electrobasses multi samples will instantly fascinate you and just by listening to it you will clearly get an idea why we are the best in the industry.

We are well versed that the market place is filled with hundreds of unoriginal or average songs. Therefore, DJ Samples draw the line and furnish all new, innovative and fresh beats and music which simply mesmerizes the listeners and takes their breath away. Since the time of our inception, we have immensely grown and evolved and now we back our Samples with the testimony of thousands of our clients. Over the years, our Electrobasses, Lucid Leads, Hardstyle Samples, Electro, House and other samples have been used and appreciated by thousands of artists, DJs, production houses and music composers from all across the globe.

We aim to furnish crystal clear Electrobasses, music and other loops with the utilization of the state of the art equipments. We uphold the quality and originality of all our productions and we take pride in the uniqueness and creativeness of our sounds and music.

The pack of the Electrobasses has been specially devised to help the music producers and artists to develop versatile and electrifying Electro house, House, Electro and other electronic genre music.

With the best assimilation of the tracks and music you will definitely be able to take your audiences and listeners to the next dimension. The heart thumping music will make the listeners immediately stand on their feet and move with the rhythm and the beat. With the Electrobasses Multi samples of DJ Samples you can change the ambience of the party or the place within seconds.

Get ready to climb the chartbusters with Electorbasses multi samples of DJ samples and delight in the experience when your music will be heard in every corner and street and the listeners will not be able to resist themselves from bouncing in its beats!


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