Electro Leads (MULTISAMPLES)


Multisamples were created using custom build programs of several hardware synthesizers.
Sounds have power, depth, warmth and a saturation typical for hardware units, so they will always sound good in a mix.
Another big advantage is that most of samples are good for either lead lines and a powerful harmonic-rich electro bass lines.

Everything you need for playing professional electro and electro-house synth parts is here!

Pack Content:
36 powerful electro lead multisamples in SF2 format + additional reason refill.



The new "it" genre of the present time, Electro music with its foot tapping music and powerful sound is the current rage in all parties, clubs and studios and are always found dominating the music charts. DJ Samples proudly offers innovative, fresh and complete package of Electro Lead Samples which can easily become the inspiration to create bustling music which will be loved and appreciated by all!

The Electro Leads multisamples has been created and produced utilizing the combination of the most advanced hardware synthesizers, vintage analogue synthesizers and other advanced programs.

The electro music whether its electro house or other, is always in high demand and can convert the whole mood of the party or any event. Even the dance and music resistant people will not be able to stop themselves from shaking their leg and get on with the party feel. Therefore, the Electro Leads multisamples of DJ Samples have been optimized and prepared to live up to the party standards and will instantly become a chart buster.

Whether you desire inspirational music for your production house, to create innovative music, for parties or any other occasion; Electro Leads multisamples of DJ Samples are your perfect solution. We are well aware that it's only the best which can entice your audiences and listeners and good music cannot be compromised with. Therefore our Electro Leads are the perfect blend of warmth, serenity, power and depth which possesses the ability to mesmerize your listeners and will transport them to a world of complete bliss.

The Electro Leads multisamples are produced by the technicians and music experts who have mastered the art and have years of experience in this field. The exhilarating rhythms and the stunning collection of dance floor Electro leads multisamples will feel like the ready made enticing food served in the platter. The Electro Lead multisamples collection of DJ Samples will appeal to people of all generations and knowledge; from beginners to experts, it will be loved and admired by all!



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