Hardstyle Basses (MULTISAMPLES)


75 Hardstyle Basses (SF2 / SXT / REFILLS / WAV) 80 Hardstyle Kicks (WAV)


Creating magic with music is something that many composers look forward to achieving. But with the incorporation of DJ Samples sound collections hitting the right note is readily more accessible then ever before. In this perspective hardstyle samples and hardstyle basses are difficult to produce and get but they are available at DJ samples for the rocking electro effect that can add zing to your club parties.  

This sample can effectively take the place of any hard sound you wanted to produce in your sound track.  With the animated combination of hard core, rave, hard techno and hard trance our samples are meant to befit the electro dance music genre from which hard style hails. With a blazing tempo of 140 to 160 beats per minute that is bpm hard style basses can be used as a back ground effect to some of the most sensuously groovy numbers that will set the dance floor on fire. The adrenaline gushing, heavy kicking sounds with intense bass lines will shake every party animal to their wildest form.

 At DJ Samples you can find a stunning range of hard style samples which are hard to locate. These heavy electro mixed soundtracks will be the best party music that can ever be. Hardstyle has 4/4 rhythm that is mixed with various other beats that offer an edginess to this music. Therefore any soundtrack is incomplete without the heavy feel of hardstyle in it. By merging hardstyle basses from DJ Sample one can not only use the thumping sounds for parties but can even include it in their self composed works. By including this you will make your choice of work even more enticing and magnetic to hear.

As an advanced version of the electro dance music genre, hairstyle is synthesized from some really hard electronic sounds that add that metallic feel to the music. Mostly this form is without the vocal versions but at DJ Samples you can hit upon the unexpected and so we proudly present to you our range of hardstyle vocal samples and hardstyle midi samples, loops and even leads. All these forms can greatly enhance any sort of music and especially party music for those who love the out of world essence that drives along music.

We have set in a new revolution when it comes to hardstyle since this kind of music is virtually not available across the world so we produce something that is unique and hard to find. As a music enthusiast we welcome you to experience our collection and take up something absolutely new and fresh from our samples.

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