100 Basses (SF2/SXT/REFILLS) + 300 Kicks (WAV)


When you are making a cake you make sure to add cherries on top, when you are watching a movie you never forget to take along a packet of popcorn to enhance the fun. In the similar manner when you are planning to create chartbuster music, how can you forget the Club Basses of DJ Samples! We have specially accumulated the most enticing, unique and impressive Club Basses Multi Samples which will assist you to instantly get an edge over all your competitors and also furnish the best of the club music and charming soundtracks to your audiences.

The new genre of music lovers has become more demanding and specific where music and rhythms are concerned. They are not satisfied with just anything and always appreciate the music which is innovative, original, fresh and foot tapping. So, it’s high time that all the music producers start realizing the needs and requirements of the music lovers and create original soundtracks accordingly. But, it’s not at all an easy task at it seems! It takes ages to be well versed and skilled in this field. Therefore, to relieve you all the troubles and help you immensely in creating the best ever music, the Club Basses Multi Samples of DJ Samples are specially complied.

It’s very easy nowadays with so many music producers around the corner to get stuck and not able to find original tracks and idea about the music to be produced which can be equally appreciated and praised by all.

With the assistance of the Club Basses Multi Samples you can not only create mind boggling and fascinating club music and other sound track but also contribute towards enhancing the quality of the overall music served to the audiences and listeners.  Are you surprised how will it be possible? When you produce enthralling music which will instantly become the hot favorite among all the party goers and reach the top list, then your competitors too will be forced to better the quality of the music that they were offering to the people. In the race to match you and your music, the electronic music and the sound quality will highly benefit and a new era of improved quality, sound and rhythms of music will reach out to the people.

So, be the first to mark the delightful change and make an invisible name in the industry with Club Basses Multi Samples of DJ Samples!

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