34 fat Synth Multisamples.

We've created many new powerful sounds as well as re-created some sounds used by famous groups like Safri Duo, ATC, Barthezz, Erik Prydz and more...

Fat Leads are really fat with typical character of NL3. Club Bells are probably best bells you've ever heard and techno beeps sound like they came from the greatest club hits.
Remember that still any soft-synth can't be compared to quality hardware synth like Nord Lead 3. Listen to the demo!
High Quality Samples for genres like Dance, Trance, House...
Formats: SF2 and REASON REFILL.


Creation of the most intriguing, foot thumbing, original and mind blasting music is the dream of every music producer, production house, clubs and DJs. But how many of them are actually able to convert their dream into a reality? Producing the music which has all the above quality is not an easy task and all the music maestros have actually undergone years of rigorous training and completely devoted them into this art before they were able to gain name and recognition in the industry. But now with Synthmania XXL Multi Samples of DJ Samples you can actually convert your visions into a reality and become a reputed music produce or DJ. There is no longer the need for you to crave for creative ideas, beats or synths! We have specially compiled for you powerful, energetic and out of the beat sounds and also recreated many of the most famous sounds created by world applauded groups which includes Erik Prydz, ATC, Barthezz, Safri Duo and many more.

Our talented and skilled teams of technicians are renowned maestros in their respective fields and they go through rigorous brainstorming sessions to incubate fresh and original Synthmania XXL Multi Samples. Whatever the age, gender or class of your audiences and listeners, our versatile and out of the league music are bound to impress each one of them and instantly make them your fan.

We keep taking feedbacks from the music lovers and our customers from time to time so that we are constantly updated about their preferences and the type of music that they are interested in. We are also well versed that with the changing times the taste of the people in a particular music also undergoes some changes. So, we keep on adding new beats, sounds, tracks and rhythms in our Synthmania XXL Multi Samples.

In the years of our existence, DJ Samples have never disappointed our customers and always served them high quality and fresh multi samples. With our Synthmania XXL multi samples at your disposal you can rest assured that your music and track will never go unnoticed and is bound to create uproar among your fans and audiences. Our multi samples are a perfect combination of different genre and class of music including House, Hardstyle, Trance, Dance and so on. Come and create the magical spell which will bind all your audiences and listeners together with Synthmania XXL Multi Samples of DJ Samples.

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