Pitched Basses (MULTISAMPLES)

We present 60 outstanding quality, modern, pitched basses.
Sampled using top industry synthesizers and processed using expensive tube exciters and compressors.
There are 4 groups of samples:

lo (powerful down-pitched basses)
lomid (down-pitched basses for playing octave higher)
up (up-pitched basses)
fx (fx-ed pitched basses)

This is the right pack if you are searching for POWERFUL BASS SOUNDS!


For the making great musical compositions and scores, the musicians and DJs prefer the pitched basses of DJ samples which are especially composed using exquisite sophisticated musical instruments like high tech synthesizers, and other exclusive tube exciters and also grand compressors which give a magnificent appeal to these melodious multi samples. The use of these pitched basses in the mixing of famous songs and musical pieces produces such an addiction in the listeners that they enjoy it tremendously. The music lovers at any party, social event, disc or club can never resist the magnetic appeal of these pitched basses which are made at DJ samples keeping in mind the popular trends and providing them a unique feel and ambience.  The ‘never heard before’ experience will surely leave a deep impact on the listeners.

At DJ samples our music experts and composers present to you some 60 exquisite, elegant and refined pitched basses of stupendous quality and modernity. The exclusive basses can be used for myriads of compositions, each time giving a new feel and life to the musical piece. The parties and events where people love unique sounds which can take them far away from their regular routines, make sure that these pitched basses from DJ samples are an integral part so that they is not stopping for the music savvy crowd.  These are divided into four different categories where the first one is called the ‘lo’ which includes some very powerful down pitched basses that add their own feel and expression to the musical piece. The next set of pitched basses at DJ samples includes the ‘lomid’ version which is primarily a set of down-pitched basses so that the user is facilitated for playing octave at a higher level.  DJ samples also keep the track of needs of up-pitched basses which can be accomplished by the use of ‘up’ category of pitched basses. The last but not the least of the pitched basses category offered at DJ samples includes the ‘fx’ which comprises of fx-ed pitched basses.

All the pitched basses available at DJ samples are exclusive in nature and can be blended with any musical pieces to create some marvelous scores which will definitely keep the music lovers glued to the dancing floor until and unless they are completely drained of energy.

Therefore if you too are looking for some exclusive pitched basses which add that X factor to your musical scores then trust the expertise of pitched basses available at DJ samples.                      

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