34 high quality Synth Multisamples
The demo has been played using some midis from our MIDI PACKS + Lucid Leads Multisamples loaded on RGCAudio SFZ (vsti)!
Sequencer used: Cubase SX
Sampler used: RGCAudio SFZ+
Reverbs used: Cubase Reverb A
Delays used: PSP-84 delay (with tiny modulation applied to reduce phase/flange effect)

Perfect Sounds for genres like Dance, Trance, Hands Up, Hardstyle.


It’s the dream of all the electronic music composure to capture original analogue synth and innovative sounds which can transport their audiences into a state of complete bliss and become an instant hit in the chartbuster list. DJ Samples develops boundary pushing Lucid Leads Samples which forms the ideal sound track for Hardsyle, Hands UP, Trance and Dance.

After years of experience, knowledge and hard earned skills in the field of Sampling, we furnish only the best and unparalleled Lucid Leads. Our reach, structure, varieties and music style have immensely expanded and enhanced during the past years due to the unmatched dedication and energy which each and every technician and team member exert. We are well versed with the needs of the contemporary producers and DJ’s and therefore all our beats, leads and loops are prepared keeping in mind the preferences and choices of the producers and the audiences.

Our unsatiated hunger and quest to furnish you high quality, rhythmic and the most innovative Lucid Leads inspire us and keep us motivated. We constantly travel all around the world to discover new and unique Lucid Leads and fine sounds so that we can provide you an edge to take your compositions and music to the next level.

We cater to various assortments of needs of the producers and the music composers. With us, now opening your own music studio is easy, convenient and a great idea! Whatever your style and genre, you will find all the Samples, leads and music of DJ Samples to be invincible and with their help you can blow the mind of your audiences too.

Our production workaholics are always engaged in creating the audio demos 24*7 and adding their precision mastering magic on all the DJ Samples products. They have fine ear for the kind of music and samples which can enthrall the audiences and can instantly detect even the slightest disturbances in the music.

Our expert and professional technicians slice, mix, format and refine the Samples to perfection and ensure that you receive only the highest standard product with absolutely no technical or minor glitches to interrupt your work standard or flow.

With DJ Samples at your disposal to help you every step of your way, there is no stopping and you can convert your dream of composing the most soulful and creative music into a reality!

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