30 fat Lead Synth Multisamples.
This demo has been played using some midis from our MIDI PACKS + VIRUS LEADS multisamples loaded on Reason's NN-XT!
Sequencer used: Cubase SX

Sampler used: Reason's NN-XT

Reverbs used: Reason's RV7000, Cubase Reverb A Delays used: PSP-84 delay (with tiny modulation applied to reduce phase/flange effect).

High Quality Samples for genres like Dance, Trance, Hardstyle...


Music is the soul and essence of all parties whether they are club gatherings or raunchy rave parties. With the heart racing latest samples of Virus leads from DJ samples you can incorporate some exciting fresh sounds in your party music that will heat up the dance floor as well as your imagination for infected music. With these funk virus leads you can synthesize some groovy effects along with riffs, drum beats, sci-fi sounds and electro mixes forming multiple sounds into the same pack. At DJ Samples we mix robotic and machine sounds along with electronic elements by the distortion, phasing, reverb and delay of beats. Mostly Virus samples are devoid of the vocal element but at DJ samples we even produce Virus melodies that can make you crazy. By using the infected sounds of virus leads your party music will turn into all groovy and spooky feel which will lift the usual atmosphere to a level above making it somewhat haunted and hypnotic for those party buffs. These tracks are absolutely modernized in terms of the approach they make towards music. Mostly composed on computerized systems these virus leads can have patterns of mechanized form of beats with slight breakage and heavy beats. Basing your tracks on this advanced, electronic version will give them a unique element to savor upon. Replete with the multidimensional hypnotic elements, repetitiveness and ethereal feel our virus samples can be addictive.

At DJ Samples we have produced a range of exclusively composed virus leads that are hard to find anywhere else so our multi samples are all unique and one of a kind for being used as a part of your sensational nerve breaking numbers. Even if you are only a music enthusiast and are looking for some really out of the league music compositions then Virus multi samples and melodies will truly be the thing that you may be in search of. So being an owner to the DJ Samples Virus leads will make you the chief owner of some of the finest sounds with high innovative feel bowling you over with our multi facet collection of virus leads. With us you can have your own collection of virus leads with the use of which you can create magic in your collection with fresh and out of the world feel. Since music is that one ground that connects people without any distinctions therefore at DJ Samples we try and create music that links enthusiasts from all across the world with the best and the most bewitching music ever experienced.

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