Fantasy Leads (MULTISAMPLES)


This is a collection of high quality dream-fantasy sounds for using in trance, dance and other club tracks as well as other genres...all you need is your fantasy and imagination.
Enter the amazing world of world's most powerful fantasy-dream sounds. Enjoy!


DJ samples Fantasy leads are created keeping in mind the needs of the music mixers who make sure that all their creations soon become the pulse of every dancing zone or disco in the neighborhood. These places are filled with people who want to break away from their hectic life schedules and shake a leg or two so that this fantasy music can take them to a different state of mind where they are more relaxed and comfortable. The fantasy leads are a great away to make the crowd moving to your tunes and let them enjoy the tempo of this music. These leads keeping on looping themselves seamlessly and make sure that the listener reaches a new unexplored zone under the influence of this fantasy music. The experienced musicians use the fantasy leads from DJ samples to blend with different musical sound effects to create a brand new ambience and feel which gives the listeners a fresh music piece to enjoy to their maximum capacity.

The art of creating digital music has long been a passion for the music lovers who make sure that every musical innovation they produce stupefies the listeners and gives them a wonderful time. This can be easily achieved by using the fantasy leads of DJ samples where our professionals take uttermost care in developing music beats which have a thrilling effect on the listeners and force them to get over their inhibitions and enjoy the musical piece to the max.  

Be it any party, studio or club, the current music loving generation loves foot tapping, melodious powerful music which brings them right to their fantasy world and let them dance, enjoying the fantasy leads and its innovative fresh feel until they feel tired like never before. Even after being exhausted to their extreme levels, the fantasy music lovers will not be able to resist their urge to continue dancing on the fantasy leads developed at DJ samples. We make sure that all our fantasy leads are fresh, innovative and unique so that music mixers and composers can blend them into wonderful harmonious symphonies never heard before.

At DJ samples we pursue a creative activity very time we decide to produce fantasy leads which now not stand up to your expectations but welcome various other genres like hip hop, trance, electro to coalesce into one and produce a mesmerizing musical piece which takes everyone by surprise, showering praises all over.                           

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