This is an essential of Trance Pads. 25 top quality multisamples (over 15 MB each) recorded using top 24bit/192 kHz converters and the latest Virus and Nord Lead 3 (the greatest synth-pad hardware machines on the world).
Enter the amazing world of world's most powerful deep trance pads. Enjoy!
Formats are SF2, SXT and REASON REFILL.


The latest monster pads at DJ samples will offer you a unique and creative multi samples experience which will surely impress your listeners and give them an amazing time. The need for some new creative magnetic, sassy and monstrous beats will surely be accomplished from the multi sample offered by the professionals of DJ samples who very well understand the tremor, thrill and enjoyment experienced by the music lovers on listening to such classy monster pads. Be it's a club event party with a mixed crowd of music lovers who relish the taste of good music and enjoy very second swaying their body to these powerful tunes or a young crowd at a disc. Every music addict will not be able to stop until and unless they have enjoyed every single beat and expressed their enjoyment through their dance movements.

These fabulous multi samples called monster pads are some 25 in number which will give a new life and feel to the musical pieces with which they are amalgamated to create something new and exciting for the trance and music lovers. The experienced music composers can very well use them in their exclusive musical compositions as they are of stupendous quality over 15 MB each. These monster pads at DJ samples have been recorded using exquisite converters of 24bit/192 kHz along with the most belated Nord and Virus lead 3 which are considered exclusively the most smashing synth-pad Instrumentalities in the world of music. These monster pads are in the formats of REASON REFILL, SF2 and SXT. With these the music makers and composers can explore new realms and the awe striking world of hallucinating deep powerful trance pads which will surely give the regular party goers a great new start for the evening. Unlimited fun, enjoyment and dancing will be the only activities left for the crowd once they listen to these engaging powerful melodious monster pads exclusively from DJ samples.

Monster pads will erase the hectic life schedules and their presence from your conscious and welcome you to a new experience of the unexplored music world. Our experienced music composers design these monster pads especially for you to give you a 'never heard before experience' so that it redeems your soul from all your looming tensions and worries of personal and professional life. After this you just understand the meaning of essential words like fun, enjoyment and entertainment and leave behind all your anxieties.

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