25 fat Lead Synth Multisamples, perfect for use in genres like Trance, Hands Up, Dance.

High Quality Samples.

Formats: SF2 (Soundfont) and SXT (Reason)


The perfect flawless leads which will make sure that you get over all your monotonous routines and then just relish in the aura of these special leads 1 are right here available at DJ samples. These leads 1 are especially designed keeping in mind the musical score needs of the contemporary musicians and music composers who keep looking out for something which bedazzles their listeners and keep them grooving. Therefore one would instantly like and click with these leads 1 which will certainly make the person want to move and sway with the musical waves emitted from these multi samples. The leads 1 of DJ samples can be well harmonized and mixed with any kind of genre of music and then produce a spectacular effect on the listeners. Often the addiction in the leads will force the composers to use them again and again in the musical compositions.

If you are thinking of a unique musical track which can set the dance floor of your disco or club on fire then trust the expertise and musical skills of the professionals at DJ samples who have worked very passionately to bring to you these leads 1 which will give a new feel to your tracks and breathe life force in them. These leads 1 are basically multi samples which have been developed with some twenty five fat lead Synth Multi samples which are just the most appropriate thing that you would require for any genre like hands up, electro, dance, or trance may be. They are of stupendous high quality created with the most exclusive instruments used by the professionals at DJ samples. These high tech leads1 at DJ samples have been formulated in different formats to serve your needs and requirements which are SXT (Reason) and SF2 (Soundfont).

Special care has been taken while making these leads1 at DJ samples to ensure that when a listener hears the rhythmic parts he is just stunned and stupefied from its magical and magnetic property giving him a never heard before experience and a genuine reason to continue swaying till the wee hours. Even after completely exhausting himself, the addiction of leads1 of DJ samples will not leave his mind satisfied.

Therefore get ready to try the musical addiction of leads1 at DJ samples.

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