23 powerful Lead Synth Multisamples, perfect for use in genres like Trance, Hands Up, Dance, Progressive, Hardstyle.

High Quality Lead Synth Samples.

Formats: SF2 (Soundfont) and SXT (Reason)


We at DJ Samples compose some of the most unique synthesis ever experienced before so that music enthusiasts can utilize our specially created multi samples for an never before experience. For this purpose we have come up with our Lead 2 multi samples which come straight from high stringed electro sounds along with other instruments. Based on funk sampling our varied range of collection backs down on electro centric versions which come from typical drum machines, heavy electronic sounds that are devoid of vocals in usual. With these multi samples you can create the unique combination of synthesizer riffs along with bass lines in a groovy take and drum machine beats that will drive the party funks crazy.

Our leads are composed in a way to provide some of the most sizzling sci-fi sort of music that has never been heard before. For lead 2 we have used heavy robotic sounds along with instrumentation that takes a heavy turn on delay, distortion and reverb so that all the tracks of this composition strike the right cord with all kinds of party music whether it is rave, club or funk. Lead 2 fits well within the back ground of some of the most creative numbers attending to it with a crazy feel. Mostly these heavy tracks are devoid of any vocal elements however we have incorporated limited distortion so that the tracks feel slightly vocal within the sense of vocal. This modernistic take on music will leave you asking for more whether you are a party lover or a simple music enthusiast.

These multi samples are composed through computers and have patterns that include break beats in an emulative manner, kick drum which is syncopated and other down beats. Beats in lead 2 are so realistic that it seems that one is hearing a live performance rather than a recorded version. The synthesizers in these multi samples create the feel that the sound effects are futuristic and also fictional in heavy doses. The ultra Cosmo effect that comes along with DJ Samples Lead 2 is worth the notice as such sounds are hard to create and are not available anywhere around apart from us. One can effectively indulge this music in rave bashes and other club music mixes so that it can exude that ethereal element which forms the distinguishing part of these multi samples which are formed by mixing together different sound effects for that universal effect.

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