We present 30 full size Trance Pad Multisamples with perfect dream-sounding....extremely useful for all trance producers!

Each of the Multisamples has from 10 to 30 mb weight and top quality! Formats are SF2 and REASON REFILL.
High Quality Trance Pad Samples.


At DJ samples we offer you Trance pads and Trance music which will relax your soul and make sure that the pangs of monotonous routines and hectic schedules are taken far away from your existence so that you can enjoy your time dancing and relaxing with some great friends on the dance floor. The trance music is a very popular genre which takes a listener to new and different stages of consciousness where he/she gets over the initial hiccups and then just enjoys with the repetitive beats and unending loops. The feel of these trance pads available at DJ samples gives them similar endless enjoyment which can be used by experienced music composers to develop unique dance tracks which can be played at any event, party, disco or just simply at a friend’s gathering where the listeners will be forced to leave their hot seats and start dancing till the music stops and they are completely exhausted.  For all the trance addicts these trance pads are the ultimate experience which will offer a never before hypnotism felt by them in this genre.  

The well experienced musicians who have a never quenching thrust for Trance music at DJ samples make sure they gather the best stuff and create a trance pad which takes a listener to a whole new cosmos and gives them feelings of delicacy, ecstasy, with some unusual lightness so that they can enjoy the stay in the new world and get over the looming hectic lives. At DJ samples some of the most cutting edge trance pads are prepared which can be turned into amazing trance musical pieces by the DJs and give good time to the crowd on the dance floor.

At DJ samples we have vast experience in creating artistic, unique and creative Trance pads which require great expertise, skill and trance music knowledge of repetitive popular beats which have a mystic feel about them and will easily engage the listeners with their long loops which carry on seamlessly. These trance pads can be also used to blend with myriads of sound effects for creating unique background scores and ambiences which can be played at any special events among trance lovers.

The sensory observation or participation in an event where the trance pads of DJ samples are being played will be phenomenal where the music lovers will be easily won by the melodious music.  

So get ready to try these multi samples and host a fabulous trance music party with these trance pads available exclusively at DJ samples.        

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