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Trance Samples which decompresses your soul, consumes your tautnesses and consoles your inner being, transporting you to an altered state of a new consciousness is what our Trance Melodies offer to all you trance addicts out there. This genre of music is replete with hypnotism, repetition and trance kind of style and is a subgenre of electronic music with a feel of building up; characteristic of unusual lightness and delicacy which would be comparable to ethereal melodies. We at DJ samples can relate to this hypnotic, mysterious feel of this illustrious genre and therefore present to you the best of the most popular cutting edge Trance Samples and Trance Midis.

At DJ samples we create exclusive trance samples which have the potential to create uproar in your party or your club giving the listeners on the dance floor a lifetime experience which would truly be sensational and nerve breaking. The addiction and magnetism of our trance Hooks will force the others to join too and feel free to enjoy and add to this exciting ruckus. We have an expertise to generate trance samples which can be further molded by our clients to create personalized and customized trance vocals for special events and dance parties organized anywhere in the world, catering to any nationality of trance lovers. Everyone will surely love them and transgress to new realms while ravishingly enjoying their transcendental ambience and feel. The trance loops which are constructed by DJ samples are marvelously framed and programmed according to popular flavors which are sure to emphasize a true unparalleled personal music experience.

Hypnotic beats, a combination of ethereal techno and acid music with a bit of melodic Trance Hooklines is what we use as the formula to create amazing Trance samples which will help you release all your build up tension along with a churchy feel which sanitizes your inner being and makes you feel lighter. The famous 'doef doef' sound of these trance samples will dissociate you from your normal being and get to a point where there would be a physical and mental equilibrium, a state of ecstatic consciousness which can stay as it is for a long duration. The experience would be comparable to hallucinogens but minus the negative impact of them on your body and mind. The DJ samples famous trance samples offer new altered sensory experiences, never felt before by trance lovers.

So get ready to enjoy your new modified sensibilities by choking out the monotonies of life with exclusive trance samples available on at DJ samples.

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