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If you are looking for professional Vocal Samples, complete acapella songs including vers and chorus, or just single Vocal Samples, shouts, sentences or maybe real MC vocals, then probalby VIPZONE SAMPLES® is the place to go.
VIPZONE brings you all the stuff you need to add high quality vocals to your club music productions, be it Electro, House, Trance, Dance or harder music like Hardstyle, Jumpstyle or your mainstream pop production. It`s on you, all the vocals are ready to use and available in 2 different version, wet (including effects like delay, reverb) and dry (without any effects).

VIPZONE collaborated with experienced and successfull songwriters to get great texts and lyrics and worked with known singers like Kate Lesing and Lyane Leigh and also with MC`s like MC Freeflow to get the best voices for your music production.
Let`s say something about Lyane Leigh: She is known as the female voice in the song "Come back and stay" by "Bad Boys Blue" and in the end of the 80ies, this song was a chart hit.
She was also the singer of the 90ies chart-hit project "E-Rotic" and you probably know their hits like "Max don`t have S*x" or "Fred come to bed".


Platinum Vocal Samples and Acapellas from VIPZONE SAMPLES®


Vocal SamplesNow with VIPZONE you are able to get this gold and platinum voice of Lyane Leigh for your personal music productions, and the best thing is, the vocals are royalty free, cause with every purchase in the exclusive VIPZONE SAMPLES download shop, you get the licence of use and can produce your own mix of the acapella songs to be released on CD, Vinyl or (like nowadays usually) as digital download on iTunes and Co.
More informations regarding the licence can be found on the VIPZONE website.

The Vocal Samples of Kate Lesing were used successfully in past dance music productions, some of them from known artists like DJ Dean, Central Seven and much much more...Songs like for example "Neverland" will for sure encourage your inspiration and maybe the next "Neverland Hit" will be born soon, with you as producer, remixer and artist.

All these Vocal Samples and Acapellas are available for instant download exclusively on VIPZONE SAMPLES, so you are just a few mintues away from saving high quality vocals onto your harddisk and starting your next vocal song production.

Beside of this, you can also find midi melodies containing ready to use lead melodies and hooklines (including melody wav loops), sf2 soundfont samples (fat and awesome synth sounds) and large collections of wav samples, like FX Sounds (which are needed for nearly all productions), Drumloops and so on. Just check the available demos and you will be thrilled by the quality.

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